TaleThings brings you the very best of high-quality storybook apps.

With top-notch production values and professional voice acting in different languages, our storybook apps are designed in such a way that they can be enjoyed by families with children from a wide range of ages.

Reading and interacting with a book app together with parents, family members and teachers allows for some quality time spent together.

Furthermore it expands the vocabulary of toddlers and early readers and introduces them to some of the most well known classic tales.

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My son just started first grade. He loves when I read to him or listening to audio stories but I’ve been looking for something that reads to my child, while actually teaching him to read. These stories have great morals and I love the options for taking away the music or changing the language. More stories please!

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By default, the story will be read to you by our narrator, and young readers can follow along with the text through our word highlighting. Creative parents can use a variety of settings to tailor the experience. Choose other languages, read the story yourself or even make up your own story as you go through the pages.


We work with professional voice actors who are specifically chosen to match the atmosphere of our projects. The voice over narration of our story is available in multiple languages and performed in a way that is suitable for all ages.


Built with the Unity engine, our visuals respond to user interactions with playful animations and effects. Leveraging the advantages of game development technology, all our scenes are hand drawn and layered to create a 3D depth effect, controlled by tilting your device. This makes every scene come to life and helps to immerse the reader in the story.


We believe that apps for children should include no in-game advertising, nor in-game purchases to unlock certain content. When you buy one of our story book apps you get to use the product in its entirety and as much as you want, uninterrupted.


Our story book apps are designed in such a way that:

Ages 2-4 can marvel at the illustrations, play around with the interactive animations and effects, and listen to the story being told to them by the narrator, their parents or a teacher.

Ages 4-7, who are learning to read, can try to follow along with the narrator through our word highlighting feature.

Ages 7+ can try to read by themselves, or even try out different combinations of voice and text in multiple languages. Ideal for multilingual households or kids who are just starting out with a new language.

Moreover, narration and text can also be completely turned off, to allow the kids, parents or teachers to make up their own story.



3 Goats and a Troll

Our first book is called "3 Goats and a Troll". It's a humorous retelling of the classic Norwegian folk tale "De Tre Bukkene Bruse" or "3 Billy Goats Gruff".
In this classic tale, three brave goats have to outsmart a grumpy troll who is guarding a bridge.

The story is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.
Supported languages are: English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Chinese (Simplified).

The Raven and the Fox

Our second book is called "The Raven and the Fox" and is our own version of "Le Corbeau et le Renard", the classic fable by La Fontaine.
Here, a hungry raven finds a nice piece of cheese, but a cunning fox has set his eyes on it too.

The story is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.
Supported languages are: English, Dutch, French, Spanish.

The Tortoise and the Hare

Our latest book is called "The Tortoise and the Hare", according to the classic fable by Aesop.
When an overconfident hare keeps bragging how fast he is, the tortoise decides to challenge him to a long distance race.

Dutch voiceover as always is done by the fantastic Frank Robberechts, and was recorded in the home studio of Robin Rowley. English, French and Spanish voices were done by Aimee Smith, Arno Capostagno and Sheli Baez.

This story is OUT NOW and available on the App Store and Google Play Store.
Supported languages are: English, Dutch, French, Spanish.



TaleThings is made by Possibly Pixels, a Belgian multimedia studio focusing on games and interactive media. After years of designing and developing educational games and apps in the academic field, Possibly Pixels was founded in 2013 by Jelle Husson, Jeroen Wauters and Lieven Van den Audenaeren.

Within Possibly Pixels, TaleThings was created by Jelle Husson with the initial goal to create a high quality story book app for his 2 year old niece. Building on the framework developed for the first book, Possibly Pixels is now planning to develop more.